A step by step guide for new writers.

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This guide is intended for the new writer to Medium, where the read ratio is an important metric that shows you the relative engagement of your story relative to how many minutes it takes to read.

While this varies by topic and length, there are certain things you can quickly do to ensure that the read ratio is optimized for your intended audience and those who follow the tags, publication, and author where the story appears.

For ease of reading this article will therefore take on a micro listicle format.

1. Title Conformity

  • Your title…

Even if you aren’t using it, it doesn’t mean it’s worthless

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Congratulations on graduating! Now what?

Well…it’s time to get a job, isn’t it? What did you major in?

For some graduates, say, those who did Nursing or Law, your career path is relatively narrow.

Your chances of finding employment in your field are high compared to other industries, and, if your talent and luck aligns, you should find a job reasonably quickly.

What if your major is less well defined? What if you did Mass Media (Communications)? …

How we’re becoming slaves to technology.

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The other day I was reading about a guy from Berlin who has been living in a van for more than a year while working as a developer. It first seemed like a dream come true: being able to constantly travel, having endless experiences, the incomparable feeling of freedom. This isn’t the only case: most of my Instagram feed is full of ads about “nomad working” lifestyles, recruiters on LinkedIn send remote job offers who state that you can work from anywhere in the world (with an internet connection).

This all seemed beautiful and…

The psychology and economics of free trials in gaining and retaining customers

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Every startup and SaaS (software as a service) maker has had this debate at some point: should we offer a free trial for new prospective customers, and hope to convert them afterward? Or should we just give them a teaser of our product and make them pay for access to the whole thing?

We all intuitively know that a free trial can be effective. I’m invariably super stoked when ‘Cheese Week’ happens at my local premium grocery store, and little cheese sampling tables pop up everywhere.

I walk around trying premium Brie and Parrano and Dutch Maasdammer from all over…

Top actionable tips for new writers

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So you are a writer on Medium, it’s like a theme park of stories. Yet, there’s always something more you can do to engage with the platform and not only grind at your writing desk, if you know what I mean?

Let’s take a drive through some of the most popular writers and see what they do, maybe we can grow by imitation as well.

I’m thinking of people like Shannon Ashley, Tom Kuegler, umair haque — truly prolific and viral creators on Medium.

Because let’s face it, the most popular writers on Medium become like influencers and learn to…

What 900 hours of meditation has taught me.

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There’s no time for sitting when so many things need doing.

I’ve given up meditation.

That was the last time I’ll waste sitting still.

Those thoughts go through my mind about 19 times a day. And if you’ve ever heard me talk about how everyone should have a meditation practice that might surprise you.

I doubt whether meditation is even worth the time.

I’ll be honest. I started meditating because I was desperate to feel peace inside without being drunk. Chasing peace was half of my motivation.

And my other motivation was…

Everybody has a story to tell. This is mine.

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I used to work in a dead-end factory job. I was working 12-hour shifts — varying between nights and days. I had minimal hours of sleep, full weekends, and no social life.

Although the money was good, throughout the two years I was in this job I destroyed; two relationships, my health, and my overall satisfaction and sense of fulfillment towards life.

Since I worked a rolling shift pattern of four days on, four days off, we ended up getting a straight week off every month; only because the law demands…

Tips to Improve Programming Skill and Become Better Programmer.

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In the world of computer programming, staying up to date and always being competent requires a certain personal sacrifice on the assumption that each year we either have new, fresh technologies that surface, new recommendations, or methods for performing certain tasks. Obviously note that in the same way that there are newcomers, we also often witness the departure of the old ones. In the end, we see that the sector is constantly evolving, and to follow suit, it will be necessary to regularly monitor IT.

How to become a good programmer?

In the following, we listed some tips to become better at programming. …

Helpful tips for writing JavaScript code faster and more concisely.

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JavaScript programming language has become indispensable for all developers of web pages, apps, desktop applications.

We are going to see a few tips that we must take into account in JavaScript programming. Remember that this language can be used from achieving effects for our websites to making games in HTML5. It is therefore very versatile for different developments.

1. Declaring Variables

Yes, even variable declarations have their snares. While this isn’t exactly a secret, you still see a lot of programmer making statements like this:

let x;
let y;
let z = 3;

When could I be doing like this:

let x, y…

Notifications, delegates, and callbacks

computer code on a large monitor and on a laptop screen
computer code on a large monitor and on a laptop screen
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After following this tutorial, hopefully you will get a basic understanding of the pros/cons of each method and be able to pick the solution that works best for you!

1. Using Notifications

Using notifications works well when you have a lot of observers that need to listen for an update. For instance, if you have five classes that all load saved data, then you can alert all five classes to a successful network request at once.

The basic syntax:

//Posting a notification
NSNotification.Name("hello"), object: nil)
//Receiving a notification
NotificationCenter.default.addObserver(self, selector: #selector(helloReceived), name: NSNotification.Name("hello"), object: nil)
//Calling a function using #selector
@objc private func…

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